Services for Children

Children inspire us to laugh, love, trust and care. We serve to protect the innocence of children and guide them towards a healthy and prosperous future. Experience the difference at Child & Family for your children.

Sandpipers Early Learning Center

Sandpipers Early Learning Center is a full-time facility providing the highest quality care and educational experiences.  Our professional teaching staff oversees the development for children ages six weeks through five years, and services almost 150 children and their families annually.

Support for New Parents

Being a new parent is a challenge with restless nights, sickness and the daily uncertainty as your child develops. We aim to help new mothers and fathers navigate the choices to raise children to their highest potential.


Is your child experiencing emotional difficulties? Do you find it challenging to connect with him/her and wonder what he/she is really feeling? Child & Family delivers affordable counseling for those experiencing difficulties in parenting.

Signs Your Child May Need Counseling

  • Sustained sadness
  • Mournful of the past
  • Prefers to be alone
  • Difficulty leaving parents
  • Frequently distracted
  • Changes in daily routines
  • Regressive behavior
  • Guilty feelings
  • Anger or violence
  • Extreme temper tantrums
  • Nervousness
  • Night tremors/nightmares

Residential Services

A stable home life provides basic needs for emotional and physical well-being. This is the dream situation for children in residential care who not only come from disadvantaged circumstances but are also faced with a future of uncertainty.

Annually, Child & Family’s residential Services provides safe, predictable and highly engaging living environments to more than 100 youth ages, 8 to 18 in Rhode Island.  Our experienced staff has the tremendous challenge of helping these young people through the complex traumatic conditions they encounter each day.

Family-Centered Treatment

Focused on family preservation, Child & Family is leading the way in Rhode Island by using the Family Centered Treatment (FCT) model. This proven treatment plan for families at risk of disruption is an evidence-based approach that provides intensive in-home support and has been implemented successfully for over 20 years around the country.