Foster Care

For the last 30 years, Child & Family’s Foster Care professionals have successfully matched hundreds of Rhode Island’s children in need of a loving, nurturing, structured home with the foster parent(s) best suited to their unique needs. We work with children from birth to 21 and are continually recognized for our success in supporting older teens in care as well as parenting teens. 

Our goal is to create a stable and loving environment that allows the child to grow and flourish in the context of family life while establishing a pathway to permanency. 

Interested in becoming a foster parent?

What is Treatment Foster Care (TFC)
  • The difference between TFC and traditional Foster Care is the inclusion of treatment services within the home.  
  • TFC is meant for foster children who need extra support to avoid placement in a higher level of care.  
  • Treatment in the home starts with being aware of routine, structure, communication, attention to attachment issues, and trainings specific to the needs of each child.  
  • TFC is a team approach in addressing typical development as well as addressing deficits and needs in education, social skills, mental health, and overall well-being. 
  • TFC is most effective with a partnership in parenting (working relationships between natural supports, birth, and foster families) to enhance clinical and permanency outcomes for children and youth in foster care.  
  • Supports provided by Child & Family include a multidisciplinary team, in home clinical and case management support, 24-hour on call, advocacy, and training.  
About Our Treatment Foster Care Services

Children who come into our treatment foster care program often are experiencing emotional, behavioral and/or medical needs that typically require a specialized approach to foster care called treatment foster care.  

Treatment foster care (also called therapeutic foster care) is designed to provide safe and nurturing care to a youth in a more structured home environment. Therapeutic foster care provides specialized training and qualified staff to support foster parents and to provide trauma-informed care to our youth by our clinical team.     

What our TFC program provides

Our treatment foster care program provides treatment services within the home that include: 

  • Integrated clinical case management and licensed clinicians who provide comprehensive assessment, therapeutic interventions, identifying needs and resources to best meet treatment goals of the youth and family.   
  • Treatment in the home begins by establishing relationships, routine, structure, communication, and attention to attachment and trauma-related behaviors.
  • Every child and their experiences are unique, so training of the foster parent(s) is tailored to the individual needs of each child. 
  • TFC is a team approach that considers a child’s key developmental factors, complex behavioral and emotional issues, with specific strength-based interventions and services to best meet their overall well-being and stability.   
  • TFC addresses deficits and needs in education, social skills, mental health, and safety.   
  • Treatment planning and therapeutic Interventions are aimed at establishing permanency that includes reunification, guardianship, adoption, and independent living.   

    If you are interested in learning what is involved in becoming a foster parent we encourage you to contact us directly at 401-849-2300 or fill out the Foster Parent Application.

    We encourage all members of our community to explore the possibility of opening your homes to the experience of fostering a child with the goal of permanency. This includes military service members who are Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, or Veterans.

    The Child and Family (C&F) Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program is located at 1268 Eddy St. Providence RI.  We recruit, train, and provide support for TFC families across the state.

    All Child & Family TFC families are licensed by the State of RI.