Who we are

Since 1866, our commitment to our community is strong and unwavering since we began serving Newport County and Rhode Island. Our core values that led us this far will carry us through to brighter days, especially now, as our services are more valuable than ever. Child & Family has developed various programs to support all in need, regardless of age or situation. We provide early childhood development education and care, housing for women and children, foster care services, counseling for seniors in times of struggle, and family therapy. Our devotion to helping the most vulnerable populations binds us together and creates an important sense of solidarity during these difficult times. 

Our programs include: 

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  • Foster Care 
  • Supportive Housing for Homeless Families 
  • Independent Living Program for young adults aging out of the child welfare system 
  • Semi-Independent Living Program for teens 
  • Family Centered Treatment (FCT) 
  • Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP) 
  • Functional Family Therapy (FFT) 
  • Family Stabilization Program (FSP) 
  • Circle of Parents 
  • Sandpipers Early Learning Center 
  • Case Management for Aging Well Clients 

Letter from Marty Sinnott, President & CEO 


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Dear Friends of Child & Family, 

On behalf of all those we serve, our Board of Directors, mission-driven staff, and volunteers, we would like to thank you for your continued commitment to families in need statewide. Your support during this past year has been crucial to our ability to provide services to people who needed them most during this unprecedented time.  

As we emerge from the pandemic, new challenges await us on a revised landscape. We continue to face a workforce shortage, a housing crisis, and an uncertain economic future. As one of the oldest nonprofits in the state, clients will be looking to us now more than ever for assistance in their everyday lives. Our services make a difference daily and touch over 6,000 people yearly. 

Private contributions from community members like you enabled the founding in 1866 of the Home for Friendless Children in Newport. A well-intentioned community came together to provide for destitute children following the ravages of the Civil War. Through your support, you continue a vital legacy that was started so many years ago during another uncertain time. 

We are grateful to have endured what the year has brought and continue serving children, families, and the elderly across Rhode Island. 

Thank you for being part of Child & Family – we couldn’t do it without you! 


Marty Sinnott           

At Child & Family we hold two core beliefs; that individuals and COMMUNITIES THRIVE when supported by STRONG FAMILIES, and that a community works best when it is willing to ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for all of its members.