So what do these young ladies do when they get together?  Sometimes the Ophelia program gathers young women at the prestigious Castle Hill Inn and treats them to ‘mini-makovers’ while they learn about healthy skin care from Arbonne Angels.  Participants reported a renewed self-esteem after learning self-care techniques and felt ‘new’ and refreshed.  Other Ophelia outings have included trips to Rondeau’s Kickboxing in Johnston, Rhode Island, for self-defense through kickboxing sessions, helping girls obtain a sense of empowerment and self-control.

Since beginning the Ophelia program in 2003, more than 2,000 girls and teens ages 12-18 have felt a positive impact from these sessions.

Since 2007, our girls and young women have participated in Ophelia Fitness, which concentrates on fitness and overall wellness.  Distinct classes designed exclusively for young women are facilitated by partners like Bridge to Fitness and the Newport County YMCA, both located in Middletown, Rhode Island.  These classes address exercise, nutrition and stress reduction. Classes have included Yoga, Hip Hop, Tai Chi, Dance and Aerobics.

For parents, it’s painful to watch your teenage daughter struggling with self-destructive behaviors.  Our Ophelia programs are dedicated to easing the frustration your entire family feels and replacing bad habits with healthy alternatives.  We urge teens to refocus their energy into proactive activities for a successful future.  Lively discussions with accomplished women help our girls to feel connected to one another, solve problems and imagine their future.  New girls are welcome to join our program and talk about things that matter to them, meet new people, make changes and feel good about who they will grow up to become.