While Newport, Rhode Island, may appear affluent, some of its residents are in the most dismal of circumstances.

Are you currently displaced from your home with no family or friends to offer you shelter?

Our transitional living program is unique because it provides

  • 8 apartments located in Newport Heights to give you a fresh start in a new space that is clean, modern and secure.
  • Housing for a period of 18-24 months to achieve independent and sustainable housing
  • Professional staff available to help you develop life skills, parenting strategies and overall case management
  • Access to individual, group and substance abuse counseling
  • Access to legal advocacy and assistance in securing permanent housing
  • Access to GED, college courses, vocational opportunities and on-the-job training
  • Recreational activities to improve overall mental health and family structure

Our Supportive Housing strives to empower women with education, job training, therapy and healthy homes which will lead to independent choices and long term self-sufficiency.  A former participant credits Child & Family by saying,

“Being around women who conduct themselves appropriately, professionally and are good role models taught me how to act the way I should in different circumstances leading me to achieve my goals.”

Success is within reach! 74% of the families we have aided have transitioned into stable housing.  Contact us today for the chance to recover, create a fresh start and build a positive future for you and your children.

Our goal is to decrease the substantial waiting list for this program with additional donor support and to help more women write their own remarkable story of achievement! Through direct financial contributions, Child & Family is able to continue offering Supportive Housing to mothers and their children in desperate need.  Visit our “Get Involved” section to learn more about sponsorships, donations and financial gifts.  Together we can rebuild the lives of those who need us most.