Child & Family is private non-profit human and health service agency that has proudly served children, families, and seniors throughout Rhode Island since 1866.

Recent tragedies illuminate that before there was COVID, the real pandemic in this country has been racism and social injustice. This impacts all of us but we should recognize who have been the real targets of hate and racism; African Americans and people of color.  This is not only true for our staff but also the families we serve.  All of us who choose human services as a profession believe that we can and have made the world a better place.  Recent events threaten that world view and frankly, I am discouraged and saddened.

I hope that the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion that Child & Family strives for will help give each of us the strength to find and share our voice with one another.  If we are going to make the world a better place we need to find our voice.  Racism, brutality, hatred, and  institutional class oppression have been the real pandemic. The vaccine for hatred and racism is love and understanding.  Let’s start the dialogue as we share big doses of both with one another and those we serve.

I invite all of you to share your thoughts and feelings.

Thanks and warm regards,


Career Opportunities


Clinicians work with clients in their homes to provide service coordination, continued follow-through and supervision, coping skills, long-term solutions, and outreach utilizing a variety of treatment interventions. Flexibility around client schedules is...

Residential Counselors

Residential Counselors provide appropriate role modeling in a 24-hour trauma-informed therapeutic environment that promotes the physical, mental, and behavioral health of each resident and assists residents in developing life skills.  JOIN OUR TEAM

Teacher/Teacher Assistant

Early Childhood Educators promote the optimal development and well-being of children by planning and implementing developmentally appropriate programs that emphasize learning through play.  JOIN OUR TEAM