We came to Sandpipers in 2009 when we first became foster parents nearly 4 years ago.  While we were embarking on a new life journey, we both knew working in a safe and caring place for our foster children was a must.  We quickly found Sandpipers and have been extremely pleased with our decision to enroll our child there.  We love the sense of community and family support we got from the staff at Sandpipers Early Learning Center.  Everyone is supportive and respectful of our family.  Once we adopted our sons, we transferred them to a local home provider closer to where we live.   We found ourselves missing the many friends and teachers we had come to know at Sandpipers.  Recently we took in a third foster sibling.  As soon as we learned we would be adding an infant to our family we called Sandpipers.  They made it happen for us again in our time of need.  There is no better feeling than leaving our foster baby at Sandpipers knowing he is being cared for in the way we would if we were able to stay at home.  For this we are grateful.  Child and Family was near and dear to our heart!