Thinking back to the beginning of her work with non-profit events, Nicole Milici recalls an early lesson learned. “When I began chairing events, I found I could connect non-profits with my friends, family and clients who in turn would develop so many more partnerships than I thought possible.” As the founder and owner of Spada Media, she puts this lesson to work in her daily dealings uniting people with common goals.  “When you listen to a story of how Child & Family has made difference in a person’s life, it motivates others to help and those actions become infectious.”

Over the past five years, Spada Media has worked on many C&F projects including, the capital campaign, annual reports, cultivation events, Au Courant, Taste of Newport and other branding collateral. In addition, it has assisted in introducing new sponsors, partners, donors and volunteers throughout the years as well as contributing countless personal hours to benefit others. But Milici is quick to point out that what the staff at Child & Family does is so much more important than anything they can do.

With Child & Family’s new ties to the Providence community, Spada Media is committed to creating more awareness of the organization in that region. “No one is removed from tough times and Child & Family is there to help,” she adds.  “They help people to not feel so defeated.”