Child & Family is private non-profit human and health service agency that has proudly served children, families, and seniors throughout Rhode Island since 1866.

TODDLER (24 months – 3 years of age)

The diverse developmental needs of two year olds are met in the Toddler program. The children are involved in a variety of stimulating experiences to encourage socialization and independence. Their day is comprised of circle time, art projects, music and movement, and play center time. The teacher to child ratio is 1:6. 

Toddler Teachers provide an environment which is dependable, flexible and rich in opportunities.  Our experienced teachers work with children to improve upon language and socialization skills in addition to gaining an early grasp of important concepts related to the world around them.  Toddlers learn through their own experiences, trial and error, repetition, imitation, and identification. Through daily planning, children are offered many opportunities for play, active exploration and movement. 

Career Opportunities


Clinicians work with clients in their homes to provide service coordination, continued follow-through and supervision, coping skills, long-term solutions, and outreach utilizing a variety of treatment interventions. Flexibility around client schedules is...

Residential Counselors

Residential Counselors provide appropriate role modeling in a 24-hour trauma-informed therapeutic environment that promotes the physical, mental, and behavioral health of each resident and assists residents in developing life skills.  JOIN OUR TEAM

Teacher/Teacher Assistant

Early Childhood Educators promote the optimal development and well-being of children by planning and implementing developmentally appropriate programs that emphasize learning through play.  JOIN OUR TEAM