Family Centered Treatment

Focused on family preservation, Child & Family is leading the way in Rhode Island by using the Family Centered Treatment (FCT) model. This proven treatment plan for families at risk of disruption is an evidence based approach that provides intensive in-home support and has been implemented successfully for over 20 years around the country.

FCT has proven effective when working with families who are susceptible to the removal of a child from their home or families who have a child returning from an out-of-home placement.

With intensive support at its core, Family Centered Treatment teaches families the skills to manage home life issues by including all family members and encouraging the caregivers to be the catalyst for change. FCT clinicians are in the home multiple times per week for multi-hour sessions and provide 24/7 crisis support to each family on their caseload.

What is FCT?

Family Centered Treatment clinicians emphasize that the caregivers are the family leaders who set the tone and have both the responsibility and the privilege of modeling changes for their family. Combining this focus on teaching caregivers the necessary skills to manage and maintain their children at home along with intensive in-home services makes FCT a strong alternative to group or congregate care.

The goal of FCT is for the family to take ownership of the changes they are making and to implement those changes when the FCT Clinician is no longer present.

Child & Family is proud to be modeling the way in Rhode Island and making a positive and healthful impact on vulnerable families