Bernice Schweber has dedicated more than a dozen years to the people she serves at Child & Family.  She was born and raised in Newport and is proud of the beautiful island community she calls home and describes other residents as “Warm and welcoming.”  Schweber’s call to service began when her husband retired from his 30 year strong furniture business in Newport.  She worked with him in the store and wanted to continue using her talents to benefit others.  A friend had recommended Child & Family and since then, she had dedicated one day every week totaling more than five thousand hours.

Bernice recalls changes over the years and different staff along the way that made a difference each day in the lives of others less fortunate.  You can find her offering a smile and friendly greeting at the Child & Family Community Center on John Clarke Road.  When she began at the Valley Road facility, she recalls interacting with more clients as they all came through the main entrance, “I was always careful in my approach to them and sensitive to what they were going through.”

Motivated by her love of people, Bernice’s peers describe her as “wonderful welcoming and dedicated” and she is always open to work an extra day if she is available.  Besides her commitment to Child & Family she loyally serves on the board of officers for Touro Synagogue.  She aids their auxilary as well serving at the soup kitchen that offers meals for Newport’s homeless which includes children as well as adults.

Through her experience, Bernice says, “I’ve learned that I enjoy helping others and meeting new people.  And it works both ways; it’s good for me too!” For this, we thank you Bernice as you warm our hearts with your kindness.