Before receiving Family Centered Care from Child & Family, Kate had lost her three children, two young sons and her 16-year old daughter who now all live together functioning as a family. Kate’s story is one of courage and growth out of chaos.

After a long path of separations from her daughter, Kate began meetings with Child & Family counselor, Melissa, who worked with them on communication and listening to each other. Kate’s daughter, Tarriana, had been in and out of group homes, in and out of hospitals, and in and out of schools. She had attempted suicide, run away, and their relationship was imperiled.

With Tarriana’s return home, the real work began. Kate thoughtfully describes the hurdles and challenges along the way and how Melissa guided them. As the clinician, she helped them find the track and stay on it using the Family Centered Treatment model providing consistent and immediate care at the time they needed it. “It could have been different with her running away again, but we were really able to break the cycle,” says Kate. She recalls that she couldn’t visualize a time when they could function on their own without support, “I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the light did come.”

Kate smiles proudly, “At first it was hard to remember what to say or do when we were in the middle of an argument, but I get it now and know that I’m the one who needs to remember, she doesn’t, but I need to.” Learning to be a parent and leader in the family has been rewarding despite the struggles and Kate credits Child & Family with keeping her family together. Her boys, ages five and six, are happy to have their sister home. “I don’t want Tarriana ever leaving this house again. After Melissa left, I really had to use what she taught me and remember the advice in the heat of the moment,” says Kate speaking of the late phase of Family Centered Treatment in which the clinician encourages independence and acts as an advisor and safety net.

Kate’s is the story of the growth of a mother, the unity of a family. She was able to learn to parent effectively while she had intensive, accessible support that gradually stepped down offering more autonomy. “It was really tough as we worked through things but to be where we are right now is incredible. It was dark for a while but the family is together and I’m happy.”

Together, Kate and Tarriana are succeeding and are a positive example of the benefit of Child & Family’s Family Centered Treatment program. Appreciative of where she is, Kate says, “If you could’ve seen it from the beginning to now…,” she shakes her head meaningfully, “it was a huge turnaround.”