Loving their partnership with Child & Family, Lisa and Nick Mattiello of Pranzi Catering say, “They are fun to work with – you won’t find any stuffed shirts there and they have been very loyal!”  Over the past several years, Pranzi’s commitment has become a huge component to the successful fundraising efforts of Child & Family’s signature events.  “They have a budget and we stick to it,” says Lisa, noting that when providing food and beverage for events they are very appreciative.  Their contributions include private chef dinners to be auctioned in support of Taste of Newport, full service catering for Au Courant, food & beverage service for volunteer appreciation events, annual meetings, and small cultivation events in private homes plus the grand opening for the Providence Community Center!

More like a family than a business Pranzi’s owners and employees care deeply about each other and the events they produce.  Mattiello says that her staff really steps up to help one another, even in small ways like clothing donations for small children.  “When you come to work here you know right away that you fit in because we are all like family,” she says.  They have always enjoyed mentoring their youngest employees and encouraging them to seek higher education at either Johnson & Wales or Rhode Island College.  Since its beginnings Pranzi has offered unused food from weekend events to a local non-denominational church. “It helps the community and puts the excess food to good use.”

“We believe if you do good things they come back tenfold,” they say.  This credo has served them well over the years as they have grown from an 800-square-foot cafe style setting in Seekonk, Mass. to a 20,000-square-foot facility in Providence plus an additional showroom in Newport.  The owners have plans to expand again and want to offer their new facility to host more cultivation events.  Lisa and Nick hope through these types of events other Providence based friends and businesses can learn more about Child & Family.  “You don’t have to just offer financial contributions, you can offer your time or donate product or service,” says Lisa.  She and Nick feel the new community center in Providence is unbelievable and the people there really need it.  Together they encourage more people ‘cross the bridge’ to form bonds with Child & Family.