After being abandoned by her husband of eighteen years, Stacey was left to raise her twelve year old son, nine year old niece who was developmentally delayed and eight year old nephew.  Although she loved them very much, the responsibility of raising three children while unemployed was overwhelming.  Everyday seemed worse than the day before and she just wanted to escape. Stacey turned to alcohol and did not make responsible choices.  The children lacked structure in their lives and were absent from school and medical appointments too often, which led to behavioral issues. Stacey was referred to Child & Family’s Community Based programs for support.  It was through our Family Outreach staff and their home visits that Stacey and her children were able to regain the structure needed to stay whole.
They were provided with the guidance, resources, and motivation needed to get back on track.  Over time, the children became active at school and overcame their behavioral issues.  Stacey gained employment, and most importantly, she gained the self-confidence to make responsible decisions and deal with whatever issues came her way.