What is Treatment Foster Care (TFC):

Treatment Foster Care is a distinct, powerful, and unique model of care that provides children/youth with services provided in traditional foster care as well as services provided in a residential treatment setting. In Treatment Foster Care, the positive aspects of the nurturing and therapeutic family environment are combined with active and structured treatment. Treatment Foster Care Programs provide, in a clinically and cost-effective way, individualized and intensive treatment for children and adolescents who would otherwise be placed in institutional settings. (TFC as defined by the Foster Family based Treatment Association)

As with all Foster Care, Treatment Foster Care is intended to be a temporary living situation.  The goal of C&F Treatment Foster Care is to provide an opportunity for children and youth to remain in a community setting while efforts are made to plan for Permanency (i.e. Reunification with family, placement with Kin adoption, guardianship or another Permanent Living option).  In this way children/youth may have more normative educational, social and community experiences that help to build competency while meeting treatment needs.

All children/ youth placed in the Child and Family Treatment Foster Care Program are assigned a primary clinical case manager and a clinician.

The C&F TFC Program recognizes the importance of family connections for children/youth in care.  We will work with DCYF to ensure that visits with Parents, siblings and other significant supports are maintained as appropriate for clinical needs, safety and according to orders of the RI Family Court.  The Child and Family TFC program recognizes families as part of every child’s treatment team and will include input from families whenever possible in the development and monitoring of treatment goals.

We recognize that family support for a child while placed in a foster care setting is vital to their progress. We invite you to communicate with us regarding our program and the services that your child(ren)receives. If there is ever a concern regarding your child’s care or communication with the Child and Family Treatment Foster Care Program, you can reach your child(ren’s) clinician noted above or you can contact the Program Director (contact information listed below).


Treatment Foster Care

Interested in becoming a foster parent?

  • The difference between TFC and traditional Foster Care is the inclusion of treatment services within the home.
  • TFC is meant for foster children who need extra support to avoid placement in a higher level of care.
  • Treatment in the home starts with being aware of routine, structure, communication, attention to attachment issues, and trainings specific to the needs of each child.
  • TFC is a team approach in addressing typical development as well as addressing deficits and needs in education, social skills, mental health, and overall well-being.
  • TFC is most effective with a partnership in parenting (working relationships between natural supports, birth, and foster families) to enhance clinical and permanency outcomes for children and youth in foster care.
  • Supports provided by Child & Family include a multidisciplinary team, in home clinical and case management support, 24-hour on call, advocacy, and training.

The Child and Family (C&F) Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program is located at 1268 Eddy St. Providence RI.  We recruit, train, and provide support for TFC families across the state.  All C&F TFC families are licensed by the State for RI. 

What makes Child & Family unique in its delivery of service:

  • A 30-year history of providing Foster care services throughout Rhode Island.
  • A proven track record of supporting older teens in care as well as parenting teens.
  • We encourage inclusion and have a diverse community of foster families.
  • Spanish speaking case managers are available to provide support in foster parent’s primary language and within a cultural context that best supports the unique needs of blended families.
  • The mission of our TFC program is to work with biological families and foster parents to establish permanency both in terms of reunification, adoption and guardianship and to foster strong family relationships.
  • Clinicians are available to assist with transition and stabilization at time of placement and/or when a need presents itself throughout placement.
  • Respite care, or short-term relief for foster parents, is available to provide necessary self-care.
  • Foster Parent-Mentorships are available so you can learn from experienced, seasoned Foster parents.
  • We can assist with transportation needs when necessary.

Most importantly, we walk prospective foster parents through every step to complete their licensing.
We will be there for you, and your foster child, every step of the way.
Please consider opening up your home and heart for these at-risk youth.